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Index to Jim Michalak's Newsletters

(Updated 10-Apr-11)

Index by Boat Picture

Date Article Design  Boat Picture   Date Article Design  Boat Picture
21-Nov-97 Birdwatcher update IMB Birdwatcher   1-Jan-05 IMB Capsize Test IMB Campjon
2-Dec-97 Kilburn's boat AF3 Kilburns boat   15-Jan-05 Drawing Boats 2 Shanteuse Shanteuse
15-Dec-97 Birth of the AF4 Petesboat AF4 line drawing   1-Feb-05 Rigging A Lugsail Blobster Scram
30-Dec-97 The AF4 Twister AF4 line drawing   15-Feb-05 Drawing Boats 3 Toon2 Scram
15-Jan-98 Trailering Plywood Boats Piragua Piragua   1-Mar-05 Figuring Displacement Alansboat Shanteuse
30-Jan-98 Cartopping Roar Roar   15-Mar-05 Drawing Boats 4 Piccup Pram Campjon
15-Feb-98 Nicaurguan bevels Toto Toto   1-Apr-05 Joining Plywood Sheets Toto Piccup Pram
28-Feb-98 Water ballast Jewelbox Jewelbox   15-Apr-05 Designing Boats 5 River Runner River Runner
15-Mar-98 Water ballast details Jukebox2 AF4   1-May-05 Bulkhead Bevels Sow's Ear Mayfly 14
1-Apr-98 Hiking and Sail Forces Frolic2 Piragua   15-May-05 Designing Boats 6 Picara Toots
15-Apr-98 The AF4 Prototype Jonsboat Af4   1-Jun-05 Rowboat Setup Sow's Ear Vector
1-May-98 Sizing Sails Mixer Sport Dory   15-Jun-05 Designing Boats 7 Roar2 AF3
15-May-98 Sizing Underwater Boards Scram Pram Scram   1-Jul-05 Rend Lake 2005 Rogue Mayfly16
1-Jun-98 Underwater Board Shape Cubit Skat   15-Jul-05 Sail Area Math Mayfly 16 Cormorant
15-Jun-98 Pivoting Leeboard Design Viola22 AF3   1-Aug-05 Designing Boats 8 Polepunt AF4
1-Jul-98 Thoughts of Sails1 Tween Tween   15-Aug-05 Taped Seams Cormorant Cormorant
15-Jul-98 Thoughts of Sails 2 Deansbox IMB   1-Sep-05 Designing Boats 9 AF4Grande Veep 14
1-Aug-98 Thoughts of Sails 3 Vireo Roar (stretched)   15-Sep-05 Russellville Messabout Veep 14 Cormorant
15-Aug-98 Scram Pram Capsize Tests Harmonica Harmonica   1-Oct-05 The Size of Boats Larsboat Piccup Pram
1-Sep-98 Sail Rig Spars Piccup Pram Piccup Pram   15-Oct-05 Designing Boats 10 Imresboat Piccup Watcher
15-Sep-98 AF3 Capsize Tests Sneakerbox AF3   1-Nov-05 Knockdown Recovery 1 AF3 Steel Bolger
1-Oct-98 Reboarding After Capsize AF2 Toto   15-Nov-05 Knockdown Recovery 2 Caprice Scram
15-Oct-98 Lugsails From Polytarp 1 Mayfly Scram   1-Dec-05 Ballast Calculations 1 Dorado Campjon
1-Nov-98 Lugsails From Polytarp 2 Moby Dink Moby Dink   15-Dec-05 Ballast Calculations 2 Robbsboat Roar2
15-Nov-98 Rigging Lugsails QT Skiff QT Skiff   1-Jan-06 Ballast Calculations 3 AF4 AF4
1-Dec-98 Rowing 1 Roar2 Roar2   15-Jan-06 IMB Capsize Test IMB QT  Row Skiff
15-Dec-98 Rowing 2 Sportdory Pete Karl   1-Feb-06 Raider Design #1 Blobster Vireo 14
1-Jan-99 Rowing3 Batto Toto   15-Feb-06 Rigging A Lugsail Toon2 Toto
15-Jan-99 Materials and Tools Piragua Piragua   1-Mar-06 Raider Design #2 Shanteuse AF2
15-Feb-99 Nicaraguan Bevels Toto Toto   15-Mar-06 Raider Design #3 Piccup Pram Frolic2
28-Feb-99 Lessons From WeeVee Vole Jewelbox   1-Apr-06 EC 2006 Frolic2 Frolic2
1-Mar-99 Taped Seams Larsboat Larsboat   15-Apr-06 Joining Plywood Sheets Toto QT  Row Skiff
15-Mar-99 Prismatic Coefficient Gizmo Bolger Otter   1-May-06 Raider Design 4 Dani Jay Trilars
1-Apr-99 Figuring Displacement Mayfly12 AF3   15-May-06 Bulkhead Bevels Picara River Runner
15-Apr-99 Guessing at Weight Shanteuse AF3   1-Jun-06 Headroom Sowsear Skat
1-May-99 Butt Joints in Plywood Oracle Toto   15-Jun-06 Rowboat Setup Vector Vector
15-May-99 Sail Area Math HC Skiff Jewelbox/Petesboat   1-Jul-06
1-Jun-99 Small Boat Rudders Scram Pram Sport Dory   15-Jul-06 San Juan River Trip River Runner Piragua
15-Jun-99 Rigging Sharpie Sprit Sails Frolic2 Frolic2   1-Aug-06
1-Jul-99 Reefing Sharpie Sprit Sails Jon Jr AF4   15-Aug-06 Panel Stiffness 1 Cormorant Piccup Squared
15-Jul-99 Polytarp Sharpie Sprit Sails Pencilbox Sport Dory   1-Sep-06
1-Aug-99 Polytarp Sharpie Sprit Sail #2 Vireo Roar2   15-Sep-06 Panel Stiffness 2 Mayfly 14 Mayfly
15-Aug-99 More Polytarp Sails Harmonica RB42   1-Oct-06
1-Sep-99 More AF3's AF3 AF3   15-Oct-06 Panel Stiffness 4 Imresboat Piccup Pram
15-Sep-99 Af3 Capsize Tests Piccup Pram AF3   1-Nov-06
1-Oct-99 Emergency Flotation RB42 RB42   15-Nov-06 Knockdown recovery 2 Caprice Scram Pram
15-Oct-99 Boat Costs Harmonica Again Harmonica   1-Dec-06
1-Nov-99 Center of Gravity Woobo Woobo   15-Dec-06 Figuring Power 2 Robbsboat LFH17
15-Nov-99 Hullforms Model Fatcat2 Carnell Skiff   1-Jan-07 Measuring Prop Thrust LFH17 Shanteuse (model)
1-Dec-99 Hullforms Model Results Roar2 Roar2   15-Jan-07  Figuring Power 3 AF4 Harmonica
15-Dec-99 AF4 Preview AF4 AF4   1-Feb-07 IMB Capsize Test IMB Mayfly 14
1-Jan-00 Plyboats Demo Review Caprice Roar2   15-Feb-07  Figuring Power 4  Raider AF4B
15-Jan-00 Piccup Spinoffs Piragua Piragua   1-Mar-07  Rigging A Lugsail  Blobster Trilars
1-Feb-00 Hollow Spars Slam Dink Tween   15-Mar-07  Figuring Power 5  Mayfly12 Frolic2
15-Feb-00 Bevels Toto Toto   1-Apr-07  Everglades Challenge 2007  Frolic2 Frolic2
1-Mar-00 More Piccup Spinoffs AF2 Piccup Pram   15-Apr-07 Rowing Power  Sportdory Toto
15-Mar-00 Taped Seams Larsboat Larsboat   1-May-07 Rowing Gear  Robbsboat Harmonica
1-Apr-00 Hull Shaping Family Skiff AF3   15-May-07 Rowing Power Measured  Roar2 Veep 14
15-Apr-00 Choosing a Design Toon2 Piccup Pram   1-Jun-07  Bevels Toto Veep 14
1-May-00 Joining Plywood Sheets Dockbox QT Skiff   15-Jun-07  Rend Lake 2007  Vector Shanteuse (sail)
15-May-00 Messabouts Bruceboat IMB   1-Jul-07  Rowboat Setup  Philsboat Philsboat
1-Jun-00 Sail Area Math AF4Breve Bruce Given   15-Jul-07  Shanteuse Shaping  Shanteuse Jonsboat
15-Jun-00 Ballanced Lug Jiffy Reef Jonsboat Toto   1-Aug-07  Sail Area Math  Polepunt Picara
1-Jul-00 Small Boat Rudders Skat Toto   15-Aug-07  Shanteuse Shaping 2  Cormorant Philsboat
15-Jul-00 Sailing for Nonsailors 1 IMB AF3   1-Sep-07  Taped Seams  Rogue Polepunt
1-Aug-00 Sailing for Nonsailors 2 Oracle Toto   15-Sep-07  Delam Repair  Mayfly15 Robote
15-Aug-00 Sailing for Nonsailors 3 Robote Robote   1-Oct-07  Hull Wind Drag  Larsboat Skat
1-Sep-00 Leeboard Issues Slam Dink Slam Dink   15-Oct-07 Leeboard Geometry 1  Imresboat Philsboat
15-Sep-00 Knockdown Recovery AF3 AF3   1-Nov-07 Leeboard Geometry 2  Harmonica Moby Dink
1-Oct-00 Motors and Rudders Piccup Pram Piccup Pram   15-Nov-07 AF4 Changes  Caprice Dockbox
15-Oct-00 Emergency Flotation RB42 RB42   1-Dec-07 Knockdown Recovery  Dockbox Harmonica
1-Nov-00 Hatches and Vents Harmonica Harmonica   15-Dec-07 Knockdown Recovery2  Robbsboat Roar2
15-Nov-00 Electric Boats 1 QT Skiff AF4   1-Jan-08  Ramblings2008  Caroline Rio Grande
1-Dec-00 Electric Boats 2 Electron Robote   15-Jan-08 Jewelbox Jr Knockdown Jewelbox Jr AF4b
15-Dec-00 Messin' With Motors AF4 AF4   1-Feb-08 PowerJon20 Jon20 Ozarkian
1-Jan-01 Outboard Tiller Extensions Campjon Tween   15-Feb-08  IMB Capsize  IMB Phil's Boat
15-Jan-01 Mast Tabernacles Musicbox3 Tween   1-Mar-08  Philsboat Capsize  Blobster Campjon
1-Feb-01 Rowing 2001 A Sportdory Vireo   15-Mar-08  Lugsail Rigging  Toon2 AF4B
15-Feb-01 Rowing 2001 B Vamp Mixer   1-Apr-08  Flipper Powered Roar2  Frolic2 Toto
1-Mar-01 Bevels Toto Toto   15-Apr-08  Rigging Sharpie Sails  Sportdory Ozarkian
15-Mar-01 Taped Seams Larsboat Larsboat   1-May-08  AF4Bottom1  Robbsboat Wooboto
1-Apr-01 Birdwatcher Hulls Jon Jr. Scram   15-May-08  Rowing Gear  Roar2 Mayfly 14
15-Apr-01 Choosing a Design Vector Caprice   1-Jun-08  AF4 Bottom 2  Ozarkian ?
May 1. 2001 Joining Plywood sheets Ozarkian AF3   15-Jun-08  Rend Messabout 2008  Vector  Rend Lake
15-May-01 Why Build A Boat Toots AF4   1-Jul-08  Rowboat Setup  Mikesboat 
1-Jun-01 Sail Area Math Power QT Skiff QT Power Skiff   15-Jul-08  AF4 Bottom 3  Wooboto 
15-Jun-01 Wooden Boat Construction 1 Jonsboat Toto   1-Aug-08  Sail Area Math  Polepunt 
1-Jul-01 Wooden Boat Construction 2 Piragua AF2   15-Aug-08  Materials And Tools  Cormorant 
15-Jul-01 Small Boat Rudders Piragua 18 AF4   1-Sep-08  Taped Seams  Rogue 
1-Aug-01 Midwest Messabout 2001 Rogue Rend Lake   15-Sep-08  Rainwater Damage  Mayfly14 
15-Aug-01 Caprice Twang Caprice   1-Oct-08  Bevels  Larsboat 
1-Sep-01 Leeboard Issues Normsboat Piragua   15-Oct-08  Transom Height  Jonsboat 
15-Sep-01 Knockdown Recovery AF3 Vamp   1-Nov-08  Polytarp Lugsails 1  Piccup Pram 
1-Oct-01 Scarfing Lumber Vamp Battista Boys   15-Nov-08  Polytarp Lugsails 2  Caprice 
15-Oct-01 The Weather RB42 RB42   1-Dec-08  Knockdown Recovery  Raider 
1-Nov-01 Building Piccup Pram AF4Grande Piccup Pram   1-Dec-08  Weight Problems  Dockbox 
15-Nov-01 Building Piccup Pram 2 Piccup Pram Piccup Pram   15-Dec-08  Knockdown Recovery 2  Caroline  Toto
1-Dec-01 Motors per the Coast Guard Sow's ear AF4   15-Jan-09  Knockdown Aspect Ratio 1  JB Jr  AF4b
15-Dec-01 Messin' With Motors 2001  AF4 AF4   1-Feb-09  Aspect Ratio 2  Mayfly16  Jewelbox
1-Jan-02 Outfitting My AF4  HC Skiff AF4   15-Feb-09  IMB Capsize  IMB  Frolic2
15-Jan-02 Making A Hull 1  Folderol2 Piccup Pram   1-Mar-09  Mizzens  Blobster  Roar2
1-Feb-02 Making A Hull 2  Mayfly16 Skat   15-Mar-09  Lugsail Rigging  Imresboat  Robote
15-Feb-02 Making A Hull 3  Sportdory Jewelbox   1-Apr-09  Laguna  Frolic2  Piccup Squared
1-Mar-02 Making A Hull 4  JewelBox Junior Mayfly 14   15-Apr-09  Rigging Sharpie Sprits  Sportdory  Robote
15-Mar-02 Bulkhead Bevels  Toto Larsboat   1-May-09  Small Boat Rudders  Robbsboat  Woobo
1-Apr-02 I Boil Wood  Picara Caprice   15-May-09  Rowing Gear  Roar2  Mikesboat
15-Apr-02 Taped Seams  Larsboat AF4   1-Jun-09  A Bimini Boot  Ozarkian  Trilars
1-May-02 Joining Plywood Sheets  IMB IMB   15-Jun-09  Phil Bolger  Vector  Mikesboat
15-May-02 Building HC Skiff  Mayfly14 Roar2   1-Jul-09  Rend Lake 2009  Fatcat2  Phil's Boat / Fatcat2
1-Jun-02 Sail Area Math  Campjon Toto   15-Jul-09  Rowboat Setup  Mikesboat  IMB
15-Jun-02 Sail Shaping  Jonsboat Toto   1-Aug-09  Sail Area Math  Family Skiff  Blobster
1-Jul-02 Sail Shaping 2  Piragua Campjon   15-Aug-09  Beach Designs  Cormorant  Mikesboat
15-Jul-02 Midwest Messabout  Piragua 18 Rend Lake   1-Sep-09  Taped Seams  Trilars  Piragua / Robote
1-Aug-02 Piccup Pram Accessories  Rogue Mayfly 12   15-Sep-09  Birdwatcher Cabins  Philsboat  Laguna
15-Aug-02 Making Oars Twang AF3   1-Oct-09  Bevels  Larsboat  Caroline
1-Sep-02 Boat Camping 1 Shanteuse Toto   15-Oct-09  Transom Height  Jonsboat  AF4
15-Sep-02 Boat Camping 2 Fatcat2 Harmonica   1-Nov-09  Ballast Again  Piccup Pram  Caroline
1-Oct-02 Knockdown Recovery AF3 AF3   15-Nov-09  Ballast Again2  Caprice  Shanteuse
15-Oct-02 Knockdown Recovery2 Electron Piragua / Woboo / Slam dink   1-Dec-09  Weight Problems  AF4Casa  QT Row Skiff
1-Nov-02 Knockdown Recovery3 IMB Toto   15-Dec-09  Ballast Again3  Raider  Dockbox
15-Nov-02 Jewelbox Jr Knockdown Jewelbox Jewelbox JR   1-Jan-10  Knockdown Recovery 1  RioGrande  Rio Grande
1-Dec-02 Rigging A Lugsail Piccup Pram Mayfly 14   15-Jan-10  Knockdown Recovery 2  Caroline  Laguna
15-Dec-02 Messing With Motors 2002 AF4 QT Power Skiff   1-Feb-10  Emergency Flotation  Mayfly16  Blobster
1-Jan-03 Sail Rig Trim 1 Toon2 Tween   15-Feb-10 IMB Capsize Test  IMB  Vole
15-Jan-03 Sail Rig Trim 2 Philsboat Roar2   1-Mar-10 Wood Vs Aluminum  Blobster  Harmonica
1-Feb-03 Navigator Cabins Jukebox3 Piragua   15-Mar-10 Rigging A Lugsail  Laguna  Frolic2
15-Feb-03 Guessing at Weight Dorado Dorado   1-Apr-10 Beefing A Mast  Frolic2  Toto
1-Mar-03 Figuring Displacement Seal Cove Skiff Larsboat   15-Apr-10 Rigging Sharpie Sprit Sails  Sportdory  Blobster
15-Mar-03 Propellor Pitch Veep 14 Vamp   1-May-10 Small Boat Rudders  Blobster  Mayfly 14
1-Apr-03 Bulkhead Bevels Toto Toto   15-May-10  AF4 rebottom1  Catbox  QT Power Skiff
15-Apr-03 Rowboat Setup Oracle Oracle   1-Jun-10  AF4 rebottom2  Ozarkian  Cormorant
1-May-03 Propellor Slip Twang AF4   15-Jun-10  Rend Lake 2010  Vector  AF4 Rend Lake
15-May-03 Taped Seams Larsboat AF4   1-Jul-10  AF4 rebottom3  Wooboto  Toto
1-Jun-03 Outboard Fuel Consumption Campjon Campjon   15-Jul-10 Texas200a  Mikesboat  Piccup Squared
15-Jun-03 Sail Area Math Ladybug  Roar2   1-Aug-10 Texas200b  Family Skiff  Robote
1-Jul-03 Rend Lake Messabout - 2003 Piragua 18 Rend Lake   15-Aug-10 Texas200c  Cormorant  QT rowboat
15-Jul-03 Horse Talk Jonsboat Larsboat   1-Sep-10 Texas200d  Trilars  AF4 Breve
1-Aug-03 Real Life Sail Area Math Blobster  Scram   15-Sep-10 Texas200e  Philsboat  Jon Jr
15-Aug-03 Taped Seams  Seal Cove Skiff Mayfly 12   1-Oct-10 Texas200f  Larsboat  Toto
1-Sep-03 Measuring Prop Thrust  Mayfly 12 Jonsboat   15-Oct-10 Sail Area Math  Jonsboat  Ladybug
15-Sep-03 Rot Repair?  Polepunt Mixer   1-Nov-10 Sail Oklahoma a  Piccup  RB42
1-Oct-03 Knockdown Recovery  AF3 Piccup Squared   15-Nov-10 Sail Oklahoma b  Caprice  Cormorant
15-Oct-03 Birdwatcher Lugsail Batto Vamp   1-Dec-10 Taped Seams  Trilars  Toon2
1-Nov-03 Making Oars  LHF17 Roar2   15-Dec-10  Bulkhead Bevels  Raider  Harmonica
15-Nov-03 Glassing Plywood  Caprice Campjon   1-Jan-11 Mast Tabernacles OliveOyl Mixer
1-Dec-03 IMB Capsize Test IMB Picara   15-Jan-11 Knockdown Recovery DarcyBryn Mixer
15-Dec-03 Messing With Motors 2003  AF4 AF4   1-Feb-11 Knockdown Recovery 2 Caroline AF3
1-Jan-04 Bayard Cook's AF4  AF4 Grande AF4   15-Feb-11 Windsurfer Sail Mod IMB Sow's Ear
15-Jan-04 Making Sink Weights Shanteuse Moby Dink   1-Mar-11 Rowboat Setup Paddleplank Musicbox2
1-Feb-04 Lugsail Rigging Mikesboat Piccup Pram   15-Mar-11 Rigging a Lugsail Hapscut Family Skiff
15-Feb-04 Added Sailrigs Jukebox2 Toto   1-Apr-11 Figuring Displacement Marksboat Scram Pram
1-Mar-04 Joining Plywood Sheets Alansboat Slam Dink   15-Apr-11 Rigging Sharpie Sprit Sails Toon2 Wooboto
15-Mar-04 Figuring Sail Area 1 Piccup Pram Piccup Pram   1-May-11 Small Boat Rudders Blobster Toon2
1-Apr-04 Figuring Sail Area 2 Toto AF3  
15-Apr-04 Figuring Sail Area 3 Oracle Frolic2  
1-May-04 Bulkhead Bevels River Runner QT Power Skiff  
15-May-04 Rowboat Setup Vireo14 Bulkheads  
1-Jun-04 Power Not! Campjon Piccup Pram  
15-Jun-04 Sail Area Math Cormorant Mixer  
1-Jul-04 Rend Lake 2004 Rogue Rend Lake  
15-Jul-04 Leeboard Issues Ladybug Skat  
1-Aug-04 Hull Shapes Jonsboat Twang  
15-Aug-04 Taped Seams Skat Twang  
1-Sep-04 Hull Shaping2 Mixer Mixer  
15-Sep-04 Old Outboard Fuel Consumption Vireo14 Vireo  
1-Oct-04 The Size of Boats Larsboat AF3  
15-Oct-04 Knockdown Recovery Imresboat Campjon  
1-Nov-04 Knockdown Recovery2 AF3 Ladybug  
15-Nov-04 Drawing Tools Caprice Shanteuse  
1-Dec-04 Scarf Joints 1 Dorado Campjon  
15-Dec-04 Scarf Joints 2 AF4 AF4